Have you ever dreamed about entering the world of real estate? Whether to make part time/full time income, be self-managed, and/or work with a team but don’t know where to begin? A2Z is here to guide you.

In order to enter the world of real estate, one needs a real estate license. Each state has their own fees and requirements. In New Jersey, the requirements are 75-hours of instruction in a state *licensed* registered real estate school by a state licensed instructor.

A2Z Real Estate School is an approved, license school by the State of New Jersey. The licensed instructor has 30+ years of experience in the real estate field.

For a limited time, we are offering a low price of $299 prepaid for the 75-hour course instruction, which includes textbook, in-class exams, and guest lecturers. Classes will be held twice a week. Weekend hours are possible.

The only requirements is that one possesses good character traits (trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity) and do not have criminal convictions within the last 5 years that prohibit real estate licensure such as forgery, burglary, and robbery convictions. If needed, please call me to provide complete clarity.

A2Z Real Estate School provides its students with exceptional training that includes property rights, contracts, leases, liens, mortgages, appraising, regulations, NJ laws, Federal laws, and more. 30+ years of diversified real-world experience is what separates A2Z Real Estate School from the rest. A2Z Real Estate School is not only committed to catering a distinguished education to all of its students but to provide stones of guidance that will build the road to a successful Real Estate career.