A2Z Real Estate School in Hillside NJ is founded and managed by Stephen R. Buch. Mr. Buch synthesizes his diverse background as a third-generation property owner, salesperson, investor plus 30 years of experience with an efficient management style creating an eagle eye for innovation and compliance. When lead paint first became an issue for his family’s business, Mr. Buch “led from the head,” and lobbied for financial grants and insurance concessions. As President of the New Jersey Property Owners Association, he obtained state-sponsored discounts and credits for his membership on training and, separately, on qualified abatement projects.  

Always an industry innovator, Mr. Buch manages all key operations of the growing Real Estate business, including specialized types of listings. The range of special listings range from fast, auction-style offerings to family buyouts to “gate-keeper” sales that are exclusively designed to cater to those who prefer a more dignified, private method of sale. Mr. Buch also assists his clients with maintenance and property improvements in a portfolio of residential & commercial property.  

Mr. Buch signed up early for branded marketing, including taking the vanity phone number (973) 375 RENT, targeting the rental services market. To provide the best in leasing, he took a cue from the car rental industry in 2012 and implemented what he terms the “photographic lease,” an electronic document that combines the lease terms with photographs of the rental premises, time-stamped via electronic, third-party certification. This single innovation has saved his clients’ time and money for many years.  Mr. Buch is not intimidated in infusing emerging technologies into his disciplines which keeps his businesses honed in an ever-evolving industry.

His client base has included Fortune 500 firms, banks, attorneys, and other professionals. Among them: Universal American Mortgage, a division of Lennar, the nation’s largest home builder; Allan Cohen, CPA now of Coopers & Lybrand.    

This combination of decades of diversified real-world experience is what separates A2Z Real Estate School from the rest. Our school is not only committed in catering a distinguished education to all of its students, but to provide stones of guidance that will build the path to a successful Real Estate career.